Board Editor

To launch the schematic editor click on “Board” in the project manager.

The board editor keeps an internal copy of the netlist. To update the netlist, click “Save” in the schematic editor for writing the netlist to disk, then click on ’reload netlist’ or re-open the board editor or use the action “Save and reload netlist” in the the schematic editor.


For adding planes, first draw a polygon of the desired shape in a copper layer. Then use the “Add plane” tool to assign it a plane. Planes with lower priority will get filled first.


Before placing a via, create a default rule for vias in the “Rules” window and assign it the desired padstack.


To create a diffpair see Schematic Diffpairs . Before routing a diffpair, create a diffpair rule specifying track width and gap. To route a diffpair, use the “Route diff. pair” tool.